4.21.14 7:30pm-10pm "On not-knowing: inquiries of temporality and place in the context of Lebanon"

Discussion with Joanne Nucho, Suzy M. Halajian & Sasha Ussef


The session will explore the idea of not-knowing found within the highly contested Lebanese context. Taking Lebanon as a site to unpack ideas of not-knowing at the intersection of various temporalities -- ever-shifting and explosive, both virtual and "real" -- the session will question imagined states, the production of memories, as well as the gaps in historical narratives through an emphasis on contemporary artistic and cultural practices as well as other interdisciplinary ethnographic modes of inquiry. Artistic works under discussion include those by Rabih Mroué, Mounira Al Solh, Ilaria Lupo, and Marwa Arsanios. This event will be an open discussion format.
Joanne Randa Nucho is a filmmaker and anthropologist who lived and worked in Beirut from 2010-11.
Suzy M. Halajian is a curator now based in Los Angeles. She lived and worked in Beirut in 2013 and summer of 2011.

Sasha Ussef is a curatorial and urban planning graduate student at USC. She spent time in Beirut in the summer of 2013.


4.18-20 RECAPS Issue 11: Rethink Environment


RECAPS Magazine launches Issue 11 with a weekend-long series of events, including artworks, presentations, and workshops by:

Alessandro Bava, Kaucyila Brooke, Johanna Breiding, Chan & Mann, Alex Chaves, Saehee Cho, Marcus Civin, Nikki Darling, Zackary Drucker + Flawless Sabrina, Nick Duran, Kathy Garcia, Flora Kao, Joey Lehman Morris, Hillary Mushkin, Christopher Joseph Lee, Rebecca Lieberman, Vanessa Roveto, Benjy Russell, Tina Takemoto, Annie Sprinkle, Lisa Tucker, Gustavo Turner, Matias Viegener, Xiaowei Wang, Martabel Wasserman, Sarah Bay Williams, and others. 




4.17.14 9pm Performance

Joseph Mosconi 
Janice Lee

Ted Byrnes 
Corey Fogel 
(spatial drum duo performance)

Jacob Wick 
(solo, unamplified trumpet)



4.14 - 4.16 (Performances at 10PM each night) 7 Planets 7 Days Part 1. Moon Mars Mercury

When the Ancients observed certain objects in the heavens which did not hold fixed positions like the stars around them, but rather moved along mysterious orbits of their own, they gave them the name of 'planetoi' or wanderers. Unlike our current conception of nine planets, seven planets were known at this time. As it was understood that all actions of the heavens were mirrored by occurences here on Earth, all knowledge at the time was organized in accordance with these 'wanderers' The humours, or fluids, which controlled human health and temperament; the properties of all known metals; the modes or scales which were used in the creation of music; and the division of time into weeks of seven days.

LaPorscha Wynne and Ossian Winningham are pleased to pay tribute to these seven Planets with the presentation of seven performances, each held on the sacred day of the Planet for which it was named. Our Series begins with three performances:

Monday, April 14th : The Moon
Tuesday, April 15th : Mars
Wednesday, April 16th : Mercury

The Series will be presented at Human Resources Gallery in Chinatown, Los Angeles with Performances beginning at 10 PM nightly.

Artist Bio: La Porscha Wynne

La Porscha is not an artist.
As a model or muse she transcends the visions with which she is provided and the desires of her employers to create a persoanl work of truth and beauty in an act of creative alchemy. Working from the disadvantaged position of an African American woman, viewed as a tool by those who would prefer to create mere commercial images in alliance with prevailing trends, she manages to express her essence against all odds to elevate the mundane to the sublime.
La Porscha sees everything as a base or a shell to reveal or extract a new entity from. Every object that was once readymade or "pret a porter' with a learned conceptual boundary is stripped to its bare element of utilitarian function. Like a prop of minimalist proportions it manifests into a sculptural creation where we see it for its singularity set also in its new identity as a part of a whole of an outfitted work of art. Utilizing the tradition of collage in a three dimensional context, La Porscha transforms herself and her tools into a work of living, dynamic sculpture.
Faced with a world which would distill her blackness, her sense of style, and the ineffable aspects of her sense of self; her every creative act must utilize an element of destruction in order that she may assert true self expression upon the ashes the ashes of that expression which is relentlessy both taken from and aggressively forced onto her.
She hopes that this show will inspire you to never accept the confines into which the so-called "art world" would force us, the true creative youth.

Artist Bio: Ossian Winningham

I began my main musical project, "Bleak End at Bernie's", in an environment resembling the artists salons of the aerly 20th century, where the presentation of concepts and performative trappings held equal if not greater footing than the music itself. An interest in the occult and the ritual context of Renaissance Magic began to inform these performances, until the point the point that I was presenting miniature works of musical theatre under the names "Castle Freak" and "Diving God", creating the music with a revolving cast of musical collaborators and transforming myself into symbolic characters on stage.
After studying "The Key of Solomon" I began to create invocations to Planetary Daemons on stage with the project " Voiheuristick Necromorph" in collaboration with the artist Lux Ananda. As these shows became more elaborate I began to feel a mounting frustration with the ephemeral nature of presenting work of this calibre within the context of a DIY Music Show.
"Seven Planets Seven Days" marks the first time that such work will be presented as performance art in the context of a gallery as opposed to a "music show"

With Artistic Collaboration from Michael Shawn and Three Moons


4.13 Sunday - urn is the image - Choreographed by Sophia Cleary w/Kate Berlant



Sunday April 13th
7pm doors and refreshments
7:30pm performance
w/Kitten Meditation by Johnnie JungleGuts

urn is the image is a performance about a woman who will have to share her urn when she dies. In this performance, the urn is explored as an object of interiority; its presence on stage symbolizes feelings related to security, death, shared resources, safety, glory and patriarchal femininity.

Choreographed by Sophia Cleary
Performed by Sophia Cleary and Kate Berlant

Sophia Cleary is a performance artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She is the founder and coordinator of the works-in-progress series REHEARSAL and is co-editor for Ugly Duckling Presse's performance annual Emergency INDEX. She has worked with the Kate Bush Dance Troupe, Ann Liv Young, Dynasty Handbag (Jibz Cameron), Neal Medlyn, and Alexandra Bachzetsis. She has presented her work at the Center for Performance Research, Danspace Project, and Dixon Place. Her most recent project is playing drums in Penis, a feminist punk band co-founded with Samara Davis.

Based in Brooklyn, Kate Berlant performs across the country in festivals such as the New York Comedy Festival, Bridgetown Comedy Festival, San Francisco Sketchfest, Outside Lands, High Plains Comedy Festival and LA’s Riot Festival.  Kate was recently profiled by The New York Times as a “magnetic improvisational comic” at the forefront of experimental comedy.  In 2012 she was named by Time Out New York as one of New York City’s “Top Three Comics to Watch” and as one of Comedy Central’s “Comics to Watch.”  Reggie Watts named her as one of his “Top Ten Stand-Up Comedians” in Time Out London, and Splitsider listed her as one of the “Top Ten Up and Coming Comedians on the East Coast.”  Kate has been commissioned by The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles to work on their online channel and was one of the faces of IFC’s web series “Comedy Drop.”  She recently finished touring the country with musician Father John Misty. When she’s not on the road, Kate runs a weekly show at the Cake Shop in New York Cityon Tuesday nights.




with Sylvère Lotringer, Heather Davis, and Etienne Turpin

Thursday 3 April, 2014, 7:30PM

In 2008, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power dumped 400,000 black plastic balls into the the Ivanhoe Resevoir to block out the sunlight, which was said to be causing the formation of carcinogenic bromate in the water. Although bromide is naturally present in groundwater and chlorine is used to kill bacteria, sunlight created the conditions for potentially lethal consequences for the 600,000 customers in downtown and South Los Angeles served by the resevoir. With the addition of 3 million more black balls in the following months, the LADWP battled against the sunlight as it undertook a new, massive earthwork-a 55 million gallon underground reinforced concrete tank, stretching over 7 acres, and hidden by a landscaped park-as a buried replacement resevoir to eliminate bothe Silver Lake and the Ivanhoe Resevoir, which, as "open air" water storage sites, were said to be obsolete.

Covering the resevoir with millions of polyethylene balls as a stopgap measure to prevent the production of carcinogenic compounds while hastening to reduce whole ecosystems to mechanical, subterranean tanks suggests a few of the unintentional aesthetic maneuvers revealed in the Anthropocene. How does our understanding of human "intention" change as we enter the era of Anthropocene? What does the shift demand from contemporary artistic and curatorial practices? What conceits does the this transformation demand from our aesthetic regimes? Art in the Anthropocene editors Heather Davis and Etienne Turpin will discuss the aesthetic implications of the Anthropocene with Sylvère Lotringer by considering the relative mineralogy and plasticity of recent installation, video, and literary works.



Confetti Confidential is an exhibition about the bonds generated and strengthened through shared moments of creation. The exhibition showcases the varied work of five friends who met in design school and hold a weekly collage evening. Through the process of cooking, eating, discussing and making, they have created a body of work that represents friendship and intimacy, as well as a dedication to personal expression, material exploration, and artistic discovery. Please join us as we celebrate and contemplate the unfolding of these poetic evenings. 

Confetti Confidential is work by Laura Bernstein, Lucy Cook, Ania Diakoff, Kate Johnston and Julie Moon.

The exhibition opens April 1, 2014 at Human Resources in Chinatown, Los Angeles. 

April 5 from 7-9 pm: Party with food and drinks by Eden's Herbals 

April 8, from 8-10 pm: Closing evening of collage-making, open to the public


3.28 (8pm)- 3.29 (5pm) Anthony Bodlovic- Live Onstage (21 hour performance)

For twenty-one consecutive hours, artist Anthony Bodlović will be holding a psychic and interactive space.  Based on his doctoral research in Culture and Performance Studies, and his work as both an educator and art therapist, this durational event is part confessional, part group process, and part imaginative play. The demarcated stage to which he will be confined becomes a space for projection and experimentation. Between stories and diversions examining the concept of faith, audience members will be invited to cross the stage line to join in experiential activities, or to continue to lie amongst the pillows, engaging and disengaging with the space. Featuring special guest artist Michael G. Bauer.  Participants may come and go as they wish, but are encouraged to bring supplies to settle in for the entire performance.


3.27.14 (8pm) Paradigm of the Precipice: Dead Hippie


Esoterica by Sylvie Spencer

The Fool is both the beginning and the end, neither and otherwise, betwixt and between, liminal.
The number 0 is a perfect significator for the Fool, as it can become anything when he reaches his destination as in the sense of 'joker's wild'. Zero plus anything equals the same thing. Zero times anything equals zero. Zero is nothing, a lack of hard substance, and as such it may reflect a non-issue or lack of cohesiveness for the subject at hand.

As Card 0, the Fool lies at the beginning of the major arcana, but also somewhat apart from the other cards. In medieval courts, the court jester was someone who was not expected to follow the same rules as others. He could observe and then poke fun. This makes the Fool unpredictable and full of surprises. He reminds us of the unlimited potential and spontaneity inherent in every moment. There is a sense with this card that anything goes - nothing is certain or regular. What may posit itself as art may simply be craft, what may posit itself as handmade may be structured by machine, the old collaged to form new, but most curiously, that which posits itself as something may simply be nothing at all. 

The Fool also represents the complete faith that life is good and worthy of trust. Some might call the Fool too innocent, but his innocence sustains him and brings him joy. 





3.26.14 (7pm) The Goodness Regime 

Screening + Q&A with Jumana Manna and Sille Storihle moderated byRijin Sahakian
Curated by Shoghig Halajian

The Goodness Regime (21 mins, 2013) is a film written and directed collaboratively by the artists Jumana Manna and Sille Storihle. With the help of a cast of children, the film investigates the foundations of the ideology and self-image of modern Norway – from the Crusades, via the adventures of Fridtjof Nansen and the trauma of wartime occupation, to the diplomatic theatre of the Oslo Peace Accords.

The Goodness Regime was shot in Norway and Palestine, and combines the children's performances with archive sound recordings (including US President Bill Clinton speaking at the signing of the Oslo Accords, and Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik's New Year address to the Norwegian people in 2000) and new documentary footage filmed on location. In the course of their research, Manna and Storihle interviewed Ron Pundak, one of the Israeli architects of the Oslo back-channel talks, and Hanan Ashrawi, the former Palestine Liberation Organisation spokeswoman; the film premiered at Kunsthall Oslo exactly twenty years after the conclusion and signing of the Oslo Agreement by Israel and the P.L.O. in August and September 1993.


3.21-3.22.14 Dorian Wood + Rattle Rattle Chamber Orchestra, within Deflated/Defeated by Jacqueline Bell Johnson

Dorian Wood returns with his newly-reconfigured chamber orchestra for two nights only, March 21 and 22, at Human Resources in Chinatown, Los Angeles. The performances will take place inside a monumental-scale installation entitled "Deflated/Defeated". Designed by artist Jacqueline Bell Johnson, the sculptural environment is inspired by the mythology behind Dorian's latest album, Rattle Rattle: a document of the end-times as triggered by the appearance of thousands of elephants in the sky. During designated moments throughout the evening, audience members will be invited to experience the performance from different points within the installation.

General Admission: $15
Advance tickets are available through Brown Paper Tickets:

18 and over only, please

Space is limited. Doors open at 7:30PM. Performances will commence at 8:30PM SHARP on each night. NOTE: Due to the intimate, acoustic nature of the performances, late arrivals will not be admitted into the space. Please arrive early. 

Dorian Wood + Rattle Rattle Chamber Orchestra:

Dorian Wood: vocal 
Danny Graziani: conductor/arranger 
Michael Corwin: guitar
Leah "Daddy" Harmon: vocal/accordion 
Madeline Falcone: violin 
Cosima Luther: violin 
Eric KM Clark: violin 
Paul Cartwright: violin 
Cassia Streb: viola 
Christopher Votek: cello 
Betsy Rettig: cello 
Myka Miller: oboe 
Juli Crockett: choir vocal
Julie Carpenter: choir vocal 
Lisa Dee: choir vocal 
Ryan Leigh Seaton: choir vocal


3.15.14 8pm GEYZERZ, a performance event. (closing night performance)

GEYZERZ features musicians Caleb Benjamin, Kelly Coats, Nick DeWitt, Kathleen Kim, Giles Miller, Alexandra Lippman, Eamon Ore-Giron and others in a performance activated by footage of Yellowstone's most well-known and reliable geyser captured on September 2, 2010 at 6:51 p.m. In this 29-minute video, Old Faithful spurts minor puffs of steam and water as the setting sun tints the sky from light blue to mauve to violet. Finally, Old Faithful launches into a powerful eruption 7 minutes long. Musicians will perform a live soundtrack while vocalists standing in the audience will 'sing' at the peak of the eruption. If at this point, the audience is seduced into joining the sonic outbreak , the room could become a kinetic eruption of its own. All are welcome to let off some steam in the dance party to follow. 


3.14.14 7:30-9:00pm CALARTS MFA Writing Program Presents:



3.12.14 7:30pm Celebrity & Performance: HRLA Town Hall

A public, open conversation on the intersection of performance, Hollywood, and the contemporary art world - featuring Angeleno scholars, critics, working actors and performance artists. Inspired by Carol Cheh's reporting in the LA Weekly and a particularly great thread on Glenn Phillips's FB page.Jennifer Doyle returns to HRLA after 6 months in London to moderate and provoke.


3.8.14 7pm. The--family (with Sjoerd Dijk and Wojciech Kosma)

March 8 - 7PM


Liberty is everything when it necessitates a love for a human
a performance by The--family (with Sjoerd Dijk and Wojciech Kosma)

in conjunction with the exhibition Drowning and swallowing this text, opening March 13 at LACE 


at best the contradictions are contemplated,

but it promises a child badassness intersecting you

and real time coinciding with the summoned time.

liberty is everything

when it necessitates a love for a human

of the kind that grants nothing outside of presence,

since shit gets as real

as your living way a faithful copy of it


The--family consists of collaborators who relate to one another transparently and intimately in an ongoing performative practice that creates a collective reality – at times theatrical, yet hardly staged.

 The--family performs regularly in Berlin and occasionally where some of the performers are based, including Los Angeles.

 Please note: Doors close promptly at 7PM with no late entries. The performance runs approximately two hours.

 Information on the exhibition:

Drowning and swallowing this text

Curated by Shoghig Halajian and Suzy M. Halajian

LACE  (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions)

6522 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles 90028

Opening March 13, 2014, 7-10PM

Exhibition run March 14-April 20, 2014

 with Math Bass, A.K. Burns, Ana Hoffner, Joan Jonas, Tala Madani, MPA, Virginia Poundstone, Laure Prouvost, Mounira Al Solh, Jill Spector, Lawrence Weiner and The--family (organized by Wojciech Kosma).

 For more information, visit


3.1-3.15.2014 Pearl C. Hsiung's YELLOWSTONER

A new video and works on paper by Pearl C. Hsiung
1 March - 15 March 2014
Human Resources, 410 Cottage Home Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012
Opening Saturday, 1 March 2014, 7 - 9 pm
Closing and performance event Saturday 15 March 2014, doors 8 pm, performance 9 pm
Organized by Anna Sew Hoy

Yellowstoner is both the title for Pearl C. Hsiung's solo exhibition and for the video work that will be premiered at Human Resources.  In the fall of 2010, with the help of a USA Projects grant, Hsiung traveled to Yellowstone National Park.  The resulting video follows the journey of a lone character moving through the geothermal features, waterfalls, and vast landscapes of the park.  Hsiung composed a free-form musical score in collaboration with musicians Kelly Coats, Kathleen Kim, Scott Martin, and Coady Willis.

The upstairs gallery features a suite of works on paper painting esoteric words generated from Hsiung's iconography and mythopoeia.  Words and phrases such as ABAATANAABA and HISSING CORALS appear and dissolve into the ink-and-enamel soaked paper.
While Hsiung is known for her large-scale canvases depicting colorful landscapes that verge on the anthropomorphic and psychedelic, here in the video Yellowstoner, a real landscape becomes the expressions of the lone figure whose face we never see.  The new word paintings conjure these mystic landscapes and further suggest the merging of subject and object, figure and ground, the idea of self and non-dualism.
The exhibition will close with GEYZERZ, a performance event that centers around footage of Yellowstone's most well-known and reliable geyser captured on September 2, 2010 at 6:51 p.m.  In this 29-minute video, Old Faithful spurts minor puffs of steam and water as the setting sun tints the sky from light blue to mauve to violet.  Finally, Old Faithful launches into a powerful eruption 7 minutes long.  Musicians will perform a live soundtrack while vocalists standing in the audience will 'sing' at the peak of the eruption.  If at this point, the audience is seduced into joining the sonic outbreak , the room could become a kinetic eruption of its own.  All are welcome to let off some steam in the dance party to follow.




Tuesday Feb 25th - Paul Pescador's Red, Green, and Black

Paul Pescador
Red, Green and Black
Tuesday, February 25 at 8pm

Its three in the morning and he can't sleep. He looks over at them and everyone is passed out. He's cold, someone else is hogging the blanket. There's the sound of loud music playing down the street. A quinceañera or a wedding. His mind is racing. He debates whether to go downstairs and read. Maybe masturbate, but he knows he'll need to get out of bed and pee afterwards. Instead he reaches for his camera and begins to photograph. 

Through installation, performance and stop-motion animation, a web of forms materializes. A complex network of images and interactions, exploring the boundaries between artifice and personal narrative.

Paul Pescador (b. 1983) received his MFA from the University of California at Irvine in 2012. Recent solo projects and exhibitions include: Anthony Greaney Gallery, The Boston, MA (2013); the Vista Theater, Los Angeles, CA (2012); ForYourArt, Los Angeles, CA (2012), and Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA (2011). His work has been included in exhibitions at Chapman University, Orange, CA (2012); LAXART, Los Angeles, CA (2012), and Night Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (2011). His work has been written about in Art in America, Boston Globe, KCET and LA Weekly.


2.23.14 (7pm) Purple and Gold Los Angeles Debut

David Fierman of Louis B. James and PRINT ALL OVER ME are proud to present PURPLE & GOLD, a capsule collection of athletic wear designed by queer artists in response to the 2014 Sochi Olympics and Russia’s recent anti-gay legislation, with all proceeds benefitting the Russian LGBT Network.

Participating artists include: Aay Kay Burns, Liz Collins, Dynasty Handbag and Allison Michael Orenstein, Deric Carner, T.M. Davy , Christian Dietkus, Scott Hug, Nikki Katsikas, Casey Legler, Kalup Linzy, Michael Mahalchick, Ryan McNamara, Robert Melee, Lucas Michael, Wardell Milan, Slava Mogutin, David Mramor, Jack Pierson, Colin Self, David Benjamin Sherry, and Ginger Brooks Takahashi.

The tracksuits are for sale here !

The event will be at Human Resources on 2/23, 7-9 PM, the day of the closing ceremony of the games. Performance by Dynasty Handbag ! 

If you want to model a track suit in LOS ANGELES message me !

About the Russian LGBT Network:

The Russian LGBT Network is an interregional, non-governmental human rights organization that promotes equal rights and respect for human dignity, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. We unite and develop regional initiatives, advocacy groups (at both national and international levels), and provide social and legal services.

For more information please visit


2.22.14 (9PM) Stom Sogo: Sweet First, Seizure Second 

A memorial screening of STOM SOGO, with special guests Erika Vogt andAimee Goguen
Join us for an evening inspired by the all night hang-outs Stom hosted in his apartment, where he overloaded the senses of every guest. Bring a blanket or sleeping bag. Herbal cocktails and sodas by Eden's Savory SAP


2.21.14 (9pm) - RLyon - The Limits of Perception and The Rectangular Frame

Do you feel it?

on every….


whose awesome
statistical vortex pivots

on my cool faux silver buttons

… through my unique pulpy fingers.

                                    just  like everyone else.

R. Lyon is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in New York.  He will be delivering a suite of performances at Human Resources starting at 9pm Friday February 21st.

9:00 pm  The Limits of Perception and The Rectangular Frame #1

(7min) Single channel participatory video with floor seating.
Composition for spectators, electronic iris and mechanical window blinds.

9:15 pm  The Limits of Perception and The Rectangular Frame #3

(43 min) The history of noise heard through futurism, probability theory and the thermonuclear bomb.  Slow motion saga via Google's predictive search engine, burning hair, firecrackers and Vaseline.

10:00 pm The Limits of Perception and The Rectangular Frame #5

(8 min) 30 remotely controlled toy helicopters, one controller.

for more information