The Adonis Project: Masquerade

Saturday, October 10th, 2015

For the second year in a row the notorious Adonis Theater, legendary gay adult movie house will be creatively resurrected for one night only as artists from the LA queer community descend on Human Resources to share their hot visions around themes of Gay Sex and Queer Liberation in context of the current state of assimilation, evolving LGBTQ space and shrinking ghettos. It is a creative activist effort and sexy night of interactive queer entertainment which will transform Human Resources into a sexual amusement park of gay art, video and performance.

This year we are introducing the the theme of masquerade. Masks are a potent subject for queer people, from being forced to grow up in the closet and wear the mask we are given by society, to the multiple masks we wear as adults as we negotiate between the heterosexually dominated world and the various queer spaces we inhabit and create. Historically gay sex spaces featuring masquerade parties were designed to celebrate debauchery and to threaten the very social fabric of the land; i.e. protest homophobic fascist government and also provide a safe anonymous provocative gathering place for alternative types. Complimentary masks will be provided for the audience and a clothes check will also be available.
At 8 PM we will have an open gallery with interactive installation artists, photography and video art. Performances will begin at 9 PM, followed by a DJ, open galley and a midnight show.

Join us for a night at The Adonis.

8:00 PM Open Gallery, Installations & Video Screenings
9:00 PM Show

$10 (Ages 18+)


#theadonisproject #planetqueer #getmoregay

Human Resources, 410 Cottage Home Street, Los Angeles, California 90012