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Beginning to End Fest day 3

March 10, 2019 11:30 am - 2:00 am


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doors at 11:30am

noon – Sobbing HoneyGrant Capes and Mike Meanstreetz. tone and silence. gibbering beats and accidental blasts. don’t worry, it will be over soon.

12:30 – James Fella / Seth Kasselman – visitors from the mighty desert citadel of Phoenix. Expect a diversity of unsettling sounds and pleasing juxtapositions. Jazz for calculators

1:15 – SIDLE – bass destruction unit superior

1:45 – Bonemagic – Oklahoma sized metal zone noise merchant. Masterful curator of the Tulsa Noise Fest

2:15 – Rust Worship – the answer is in the tapes, cut and repeat, loop and destroy.

3:00 – Gabie Strong and Christopher Reid Martin – two heads are better than one… individually these two slay, but together, hide your mind lest it be blasted

3:45 – LOOP GOAT – Californian by way of Michigan, Jessica A‘s sometimes masked persona careens and caresses her guitar and voice thru cascades of distortion and processing, hypnotizing her prey before going in for the kill.

4:30 – Witches of Malibu – funny to think of the darkest sounds coming from the nicest people. Such is the distinct case with the electro-wizardry of the pedal and box wielder that is cloaked as Witches of Malibu… Surf the blood red tide with us.

5:30 – Rogue Squares – the combined might of Elaine Carey and Carlos Giffoni, rocking the permutations of vibrations and the waves that save.

6:15 – Conscious Summary – main man at the (Handbag) Factory, shining hope for all things independent and good, Samur also has created a beautifully frightening multimedia performance that is not to be missed.

7:00 – Ian E. Wellman – another bright spot in the landscape of LA’s experimental music scene, Ian has just released a stellar full length on Dragon’s Eye and has also continued to thrill us in the duo ZZyzxxzyzz

7:30 – Umbra Vita – epic psychonauts from the Inland Empire… hoping the space can contain their expanse!!!

8:15 – ANDORKAPPEN – A stalwart supporter and protagonist of all things extreme and true, ANDORKAPPEN is a distillation of sound and rhythm, a black hole of limitless energy (til he spills his drink on it)

8:45 – GASP – another timeless classic, still evolving and warping into your earholes. GASP is the best of so many worlds and also chock full of many friends of HRLA.

9:30 – Skyline Electric – always an epic adventure, this band of crazies was definitely first on my list to play this fest. They have the uncanny ability to wrap up tight as a ball of rubberbands and then spring out and fill a huge space like a cloud of laughing gas.

10:45 – Whirlynn – You can’t take LA out of this current Floridian. Vanessa Whirlynn is coming back west to show her hometown what’s up, with keyboard, kaos pad and voice. Mystic references to Broadcast and Portishead abound but wrapped together in an all-new shell.

11:15 – Taleen Kali – blissful cycles of tone and light to calm the fest in its last hours. A true innovator and creator in the LA landscape, we are pleased and proud to host this artist.

midnight – Salted Circle – a meeting of the minds, three parts coming together to crush expectation and rewrite our DNA. a trinity neither holy nor unholy

1am – Psychic Health – you say you like beats, you say you like to dance.. this is dancing with your head down, with your eyes closed and brain expanding inward.

March 10, 2019
11:30 am - 2:00 am
Human Resources LA
410 Cottage Home
Los Angeles, CA 90012