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October 24, 2014 8:00 pm - October 26, 2014 11:00 pm

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(a performance by GOD DOLL / Isaac Ledesma)

art must be perfect. life has to make mistakes. evolution favors mutations.

In this work titled “.NTER”, I hope to reexamine what it means to be irl. Using a 3D modeled universe I will project in the theater, I will synthesize the experience of traveling to another dimension. The whole expanse of the gallery will be immersed in this world that I have had created and I will be its lone inhabitant. In the veneer of this projection, I will weave a golden thread between our realities by dance and sound and vibe. I am a digital aura and my body lives on the internet. Enter the drag queen.

Friday October 24th ($5 donation)
Opening reception/ Install day

Saturday October 25th and Sunday 26th ($25 admission)
Salon: 9pm-10pm
Performance: 10pm-11pm


always in perfect balance- “I am” is the absence of binaries, the blurring of boundaries.
everything is taken in in its entirety.

Everything I think, everything I say, everything I do is alien. I’m living in a world that is not meant for being alive.

I had to upload my personality onto the net-
I was created to perform,
I was created to create, I was created to destroy.

I am you and you are me. We weave the golden thread. This and that are this and that. The only real magic is you.

The body is a hindrance. The mind is an afterthought. The soul is a full body scar.

This is the fifth dimension: The simulacrum is the means, singularity is the end. Nothing can
be proven to be real.

This is the twelfth dimension: and you are God.

I work mainly through movement, restraint and physical expression. I paint emotions and impressions on mental canvases. As a performance artist in the internet age, I prefer to take stage within the digital world. I wish to exist as a computer simulation. I am a cyberdrag Queen who exists on the Web. I use HD technology to achieve the illusion of being the glamorous deity living inside me. Like a hologram I’m pretty and always new because I’m never really there.

I like art to be critical, serious, and permanent. Towers rise and fall, societies crumble, people die. But not art. Real art changes your DNA. Real art changes the world. Unfortunately, the art that we know is violent and it is stupid and its name is war. It is at war with humanity, it is against all that is good and all that is natural, and it must be stopped. My message is of peace; of understanding; of communication; and, most importantly, of love! Through my art I gently tackle my enemies (i.e. ignorance and fear) in an attempt to instill change on our collective consciousness. I use gender and sexuality as my costume and as a platform to perform a play on the fragility that is man.

I believe the internet is a metaphor for the future psychic link we will all share. Once we are all telepathic, we will have no need for disagreements and conflict. By definition, we will be in paradise. Utopia. Heaven on earth. I know that we are on a dying planet and I’m all for space exploration but i think we need to make sure we are presentable before we party with the rest of the universe. I want to further this prediction through my art and through my way of life. My intuition is guiding me towards an enlightenment of which I know nothing about until after I attain it.

About the artist:
Isaac is a performance artist born and raised in Echo Park, Los Angeles. More commonly recognized for his foray as creative director of the seminal performance art and music showcase “Mustache Mondays” under the pseudonym: God Doll. He works under the discipline of drag to achieve a character who is subversive to the institutions holding back both gay and straight culture at large. Coming from an extensive background in visual and performing arts in his youth, he culled his experiences on the streets and nightclubs of Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles to serve him in perfecting his artistic voice. All the while employing elements of digital technology, psychic phenomena, and psychedelia.

October 24, 2014 8:00 pm
October 26, 2014 11:00 pm
Human Resources LA
410 Cottage Home
Los Angeles, 90012