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James Hoff ❖ Free The Land ❖ Lukas Marxt ❖ Phan & Karnsomport

May 29, 2018 8:00 pm - 10:30 pm

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Audio-Visual Program // Live Performances + Cinema


James Hoff 

Free The Land 

Lukas Marxt

Ellen Phan & Nisa Karnsomport


curated by Tim Leanse


doors at eight – donate eight

program begins promptly at 8:30




James Hoff is a Brooklyn-based artist who tweaks systems across disciplines – from fine art object-making to multimedia actions. His discordant sound work issued on the PAN label has collaged riots and attacked the vernacular – famously introducing computer viruses to drum machine programs and leveraging the resultant degradations as compositional fodder. At this audio-visual summit, Hoff will perform HOBO UFO – a live, video-projected, rapid-fire click and spin through Google Street View driven by his real-time audio – hyper-rhythmic and fractured. HOBO UFO’s debut at Unsound 2017 in Kraków, Poland, utilized streetview imagery of Pripyat – a city in Chernobyl’s Zone of Exclusion. For this realization at Human Resources, however, Hoff’s peripatetic virtual dérive will course through the host city of Los Angeles. HOBO UFO is slated for multimedia release on PAN.


FREE THE LAND (Ascetic House – LA)

Free The Land is an evolving project of change agent Jesse Sanes. A media intervention of environmental impressions natural and domestic, it manifests as electronic sound, installation art, and archive. Live actions fold field recordings, found sound, and computer speech into a compost of synthesis and free manipulation. For this Spring outing, Sanes sonics with contributing member Nial Morgan to express cold and distant extremes as a video-projected ‘live browse’ through an FTL file-set riffs on the project’s recent collaborative communiqué, ‘Arctic Compilation.’


LUKAS MARXT (Köln, Germany)

‘Imperial Valley (Cultivated Run-off)’  Color, 2018

Austrian filmmaker Lukas Marxt explores places isolated and remote, considering how landscapes are altered by – and the degree to which they remain impervious to – human influence.  Here he will screen a recent short shot above Southern California’s Imperial Valley. Flying by drone, we reconnoiter the region’s agricultural infrastructure, finding a language in the colors, shapes, and structures of it’s incursion into the vast and extreme Sonoran Desert. Shifts of perspective and perception are eerily matched by the psychoacoustics of the film’s hypnotic soundtrack. ‘Imperial Valley (Cultivated Run-off)’ premiered at Berlinale 2018. Filmmaker in attendance.



Dithered out over the country are those that know what flows when Ellen Phan’s face is lit by her laptop screen: cascades of concrète and jagged valleys of squelch, with an intention set to nothing less than brainwave state change. On choice occasions Nisa Karnsomport plies her wares to filter Phan’s noise and signal into a high-velocity sound-reactive video: flashing monochromatic animations, abstract and geometric.


May 29, 2018
8:00 pm - 10:30 pm