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Terry Riley’s In C performed by David Harrow

May 18, 2018 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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1964: The year that Terry Riley first performed In C, the piece that laid the foundations for the entire minimalist movement, is also the year of my birth.

Turning full cycle to the present, a time when contemporary synthesis has brought the principle of variation through repetition to our fingertips, reaching for the sublime through sonic immersion is needed more now than ever. The compositional quality of In C shines through the use of the new media, in fact the way the 53 phrases of the piece work with modern electronic is captivating. By programming them into contemporary sequencing methods new avenues for improvisation are revealed, manipulating the very substance of the sounds themselves.

“One of the joys of In C is the interaction of the instruments  in polyrhythmic combinations that spontaneously arise between patterns. Some quite fantastic shapes will arise and disintegrate as these groups move through the piece ” – Terry Riley

After a rediscovering Terry Riley’s importance in repetitive patterned sound whilst researching the entire genre of Minimalism for a class I was teaching in Los Angeles, it became clear to me this piece should be reinvented, shifted from it’s temporal birthplace to reveal it still firmly at home, flourishing  in todays Californian experimental music scene.

Please join me in a celebration of this icon in our part of the pacific rim.


David Harrow could easily play on musical heritage if he wanted, but that’s not his style. The man has played with enough true legends of overground and underground music for several lifetimes, and could dine out for years on the hair- raising stories of far out and extreme musical scenes he’s been involved with. But what links all his musical adventures so far is a constant quest for new and stimulating sounds, and that applies as strongly now as when he first launched into the post-punk climate in the 80ʼs So through synth-soaked new wave and Neue Deutsche Welle, through playing with disco legends like Razormaid on the San Francisco scene, through going deep into dub and experimental electronics as part of the On-U Sound production and live team, through the dirty rave haunts of London with Andrew Weatherall, through huge international tours as Technova, through a huge pop smash with Billie Ray Martin, through his live drumʼnʼbass extravaganzas as James Hardway, through the trance world, on through the Californian bass and weird-beat scenes as OICHO, to the esoteric ambient soundscapes and percussion soundtracks he releases today, Harrow is always, as a wise man once said “on to the next one”. And that hunger for the next sound, the next new idea, is what keeps his music as dazzlingly exciting as it has ever been.

$5 suggested donation

May 18, 2018
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm