QUEERING SEX curated by Kathryn Garcia and Sarvia Jasso

Theo Adams, Skip Arnold, CHOKRA, Coco Dolle, Zackary Drucker, Juan Pablo Echeverri, Fine Art Union, Gordon Flores, Kathryn Garcia, Paul Gellman, Katy Grannan, Wynne Greenwood, David Jones, Dawn Kasper, Brian Kenny, Rosalie Knox, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Benjamin Alexander Huseby and Lars Laumann, Bruce La Bruce, Danielle Levitt, Lovett/Codagnone, Manon, Nadja Verena Marcin, Lucas Michael, Slava Mogutin, Tameka Norris, ORLAN, Maria Petschnig, Breyer P-Orridge, Hunter Reynolds, Natalie Rodgers, Michael Rudnick, Ira Sachs, Rafael Sanchez, Carolee Schneemann, Scottee, Michael Sharkey, Jack Smith, Matthew Stone, Toshinori Tanaka, Tobaron Waxman, Marnie Weber, Samuel White, Martha Wilson, Rona Yefman


6pm - Screening
9pm - Fine Art Union


6pm - Screening: 9 Days of Cry Out by Toshinori Tanaka
7pm - Matt Greene
8pm - Tall Paul


4pm & 6pm Normal Love by Jack Smith
8pm - Screening: Bruce La Bruce, Gordon Flores, Kathryn Garcia, Benjamin Alexander Huseby and Lars Laumann
9pm – Sphinx

JUNE 27 – JULY 1: Please check the website for hours and screening schedule


8pm - Dawn Kasper

Queering Sex is a performance and video exhibition that features the work of artists who are dealing with gender and sexuality. This cross-generational, trans-historical video program explores sex and sexuality via ideas and actions related to performance, and thereby highlighting a relationship between performativity and identity. The exhibition includes the participation of over 40 artists from Los Angeles, New York, and abroad. 

Queering Sex considers how artists across generations are using sex as a way to understand and explore what lies at the core of one’s identity. Among the works included are a select group of videos created during the sexual revolution of the 1970s and the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s- both extremely significant decades that propelled the advent of identity and queer politics. We are intent on bringing together a disparate group of artists to open up the critical and institutional discourses surrounding these ideas. Instead of proposing one strict agenda, the exhibition’s inter-generational and cross-cultural approach allows there to be room for numerous points of view. Inherent to the very nature of the content, oftentimes the works in this exhibition directly or indirectly challenge normative binaries, patriarchal institutions and other systems of control that consciously or unconsciously affect us.

The title of the exhibition is meant to expand upon queer notions of sex and challenge the idea of queer vs normal. For years, the word could not have been used without derogatory connotations. Even before it was reclaimed by the gay community as a sign of defiance, it was also used to define anything that was considered deviant, outsider and/or abnormal. According to Judith Butler, queer is “a site of collective contestation, the point of departure for a set of historical reflections and futural imaginings”. In Queering Sex, with its inter-generational approach, we are positing that queer exists on multiple planes of non-linearity and is beyond hetero and homo-normative distinctions. Queer is an idea that is constantly evolving, changing, and adapting to its current climate.

As a whole, Queering Sex proposes the question, what does it mean to be “queer” nowadays?

Your donations would help us bring this diverse program QUEERING SEX to Los Angeles. We need to secure funds for international flights, equipment rental, artists' expenses related to performances, transportation, printing the exhibition program, maintenance of the space, and promotional materials. Human Resources is a non-profit organization that is run by volunteers - we are all passionate about this project and hope that you are too!

Sarvia Jasso and Kathryn Garcia present Queering Sex from Human Resources Chinatown on Vimeo.