Nov 13-23 - Carmen Argote - My Father's Side of Home

With My father's side of Home, Argote shows us one result of her process of inhabiting Mansion Magnolia, a neoclassical style mansion built in the early 1900's belonging to her family in Guadalajara, Mexico. Argote explores personal history though architecture, using the act of inhabiting as process to investigate both the influence of the spaces that house us and how these spaces shape our notion of home and place. The artist uses memory, touch and personal history to explore and understand her own immigrant experience, the experiences of her father, her family, and the experience of the everyday shaped under the constant influence of architecture and history.

MY HOME ELECTRICAL, a Public Program curated by Lorena Peña Brito

OPENING November 15th. 2014 

SCREENINGS November 16th - November 23th, 5 PM- 7 PM

THE 16 HOUR EXPERIENCE November 22th. 7 PM - November 23th, 11 AM 

MY HOME ELECTRICAL is a series of programming events that accompany Carmen Argote's (Mexico, 1981) exhibition, My Father's Side of Home. My Home Electrical attempts to both create a deeper understanding and connection to the exhibition through dialogue and by creating tools for haptic perception that compliment and extend the work through empathy and shared personal histories.

My Home Electrical invites the viewers to become participants, working along with the artist and curator to explore the intersections between their own personal history and the structures that house them. Through these activities, we hope to help develop your own awareness between body and structure and between your physical body and the spaces that you mentally inhabit.  


 My Home Electrical invites you to a curated selection of film screenings, happening throughout the week for the duration of the exhibition (Monday-Saturday). The selection of films seek to create a dialogue between the themes inherent in “My Father's side of Home” but also to open potential pathways and/or wounds for new growth and development. These films create small traumas between architectural spaces, the urban environment, the immigrant experience, our everyday rituals,  and between the voyeuristic nature of the other and ourselves. 


HRLA opens its doors for an all-night experience which invites the public to join the artist in a range of hands-on activities, storytelling, card readings, and a prolonged collective inhabiting of the gallery after-hours. Once started, the doors will shut and participants will commit to a long duration interaction between each other as a collective and develop through time a new understanding of the space, each other, and the work through the act of collective inhabiting. This intimate art experience is a rare opportunity to realize the fantasy of staying inside after the place closes.


Besides being an exploration into personal history, Argote's installation My Father's Side of Home, is an exercise and a reflection on folding and unfolding the architectural layout of the spaces we inhabit and the distances between them. Incorporating the concept of folding and unfolding and personal history within the context of her father's drawings in-plan.

Argote's Mantas are themselves drawings in plan that fold and unfold both physically and mentally. Through rubbings, tracings, and painting, the artist has created her own drawings in plan that can fold and unfold between Guadalajara and Los Angeles where they both construct and recall the simultaneously inhabited spaces across distances and time. 

Folding Structures invites participants to collaborate with the artist in the folding, ironing, and pleating of fabric. Through the action of measuring, planning, and constructing cardboard structures that fold the fabric, participants explore both through touch and through context architectural drawing, sculpture and the process of ritual. Through the use of these folding structures, participants are invited into an almost ritualistic experience that hopefully creates connections to memory through repetition and labor, folding and unfolding ideas and possibilities and creating structures conducive to memory and shared histories.


Participants are invited to share stories of their father's side of home. Stories and memories will resurface as we experience long stretches of time together. If architecture is never idle and its effect is a constant, then our prolonged exposure to the white cube will cause many stories to resurface and emerge in our shared inhabitance.

TAROT free reading

During the tarot card reading, the gallery and the work within it become a space to commune with  psychic energy  and for the  experimentation  and access to our collective supernatural energy. Through an intuitive tarot card reading, participants will be invited to narrate their own interpretation of the cards to fellow participants, drawing on their own personal histories and experiences. Inherently an extension and a reflection of the self onto another, the electric current that binds us through experience and shared history and shared space will undoubtedly activate the supernatural. Our collective self will go beyond our own narrated interpretations and reveal connected electrical. 


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