Sept 17-30 - Cake and Eat It - Strike Halls

Cake and Eat It will be installing Strike Halls, a composite of sculpture, text, performance and organizing strategies for the duration of their residency at Human Resources. The work investigates the possibility of strike in a cultural of precarity and domination, as well as proto-solutions towards the creation of a communitarian exchange of social capital. Elements have been painstakingly derived from C&EI’s decade-plus long engagement with sometimes artistic, sometimes anarchist attempts to collectivize commercial, domestic and public space

Nov 13-23 - Carmen Argote - My Father's Side of Home

The artist will install an architectural installation exploring the poetics of memory, space and place. Argote's father mentally inhabited two sites in Guadalajara while living in Los Angeles. One was an empty lot where he would eventually build her family's house. The other was Mansion Magnolia where he envisioned himself working. These two sites created for him, and by extension for the artist during her childhood, an ever-present feeling that Los Angeles was a temporary situation. This installation stages a conversation between her home in Los Angeles and these sites in Guadalajara. For more, see KCET's profile of Argote's project


Sept 9 - Southland Ensemble plays Pauline Oliveros

Southland Ensemble explores the work of Pauline Oliveros. From tape pieces to a duel for Double Basses (with referee), these are some very beautiful and odd pieces by the wonderful Pauline Oliveros.

Sept 13 - The Adonis Project

Ian MacKinnon and Travis Wood present a night of curated performances, video, and interactive queer art.

The notorious Adonis Theater, legendary gay adult movie house closed under homophobic pressure from developers, now “reappears” creatively reimagined as a modern Brigadoon for one night only as artists from the LA queer community descend on Human Resources, also a former adult theater now turned experimental art gallery, to share their hot visions around themes of Gay Sex and Queer Liberation in context of the current state of assimilation, disappearing LGBTQ space and shrinking ghettos. It is a creative activist effort and sexy night of interactive queer entertainment and community which will transform Human Resources into a sexual amusement park of gay art, video and performance.

Participating artists: Gregory Barnett, Ben Cuevas, Andrew Disorder, David Parke Epstein, Gareth Ernst, Hank Henderson, Joseph Hankins, Hunter, Jason Jenn, Andrea Lambert, David LeBarron, Ricky Luna, Ian MacKinnon, Martin Matamoros, Jason North, Leopold Nunan, Robert Patrick, Steven Reigns, Albert Serna, Jack Shamblin, Vyper SynVille, Evans Vestal Ward, Trevor Wayne, Travis Wood, Rich Yap and more.